Hello People of the Driftless Region!

While we won an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Programs” for our first documentary film about the Driftless Region (“Mysteries of the Driftless,” 2013) and while we achieved broadcast to millions of households in the Midwest and had the documentary featured in multiple film festivals in several states, we’re not resting on our laurels.

We are undertaking the production of a new, feature-length film with a working title of “Decoding the Driftless.” The full story has yet to be told, and major mysteries are yet to be revealed. Audiences and public television networks around the Midwest have been clamoring for more! The film will inspire conservation, enhance tourism, fire the imagination, and promote greater understanding and appreciation for this beautiful and amazing region.

Our film producers would like to give you the opportunity to assume a major role in creating an unparalleled and exciting exploration of one of the most beautiful, diverse, and puzzling places on earth.

Touching the hearts and minds of landowners, public officials, educators, students, and visitors will lead to better appreciation and stewardship of our precious Driftless Region. You can help us make a beautiful and inspiring feature-length Driftless film. Partner with our Emmy Award-winning production team today in creating a world-class documentary!

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