While we have an Emmy Award-winning director and producers, our films would not be possible without the support, dedication, and passion of the individuals, companies, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and foundations that support our work.

Corporate Supporters

The corporations that support our filmmaking and development of other educational materials about the Driftless Region care about sustainability. They respect the land. They cherish the good people who make this area inviting, fun and exciting. They appreciate the scenic beauty of the region.


Since 1996, MarketSharp has offered the most innovative marketing and management system for the home improvement industry on the market. MarketSharp now provides a complete “front-to-back” solution that provides business owners and their team every key element required to run an extremely profitable remodeling business. In addition to offering contact and business process management software, MarketSharp also provides other business enhancing resources – including industry-focused direct mailers, consumer sales leads and lists, national educational webinars, and training events plus other affiliate programs.

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Great Spirit Land Conservation LLC

Great Spirit Land Conservation works with nonprofit conservation organizations, private landowners, and universities and schools to engage in, and promote, conservation and restoration of Driftless Region habitats.

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Dairyland Power Cooperative

Dairyland Power, as a cooperative organization responsible to its members, has a mission to provide reliable and competitively priced energy and services, consistent with the wise use of resources. They work to enhance the economic and social well-being of the region, be environmentally responsible and bring value to its members.

Nonprofit and Community Support

A range of nonprofit organizations, conservation groups, and local communities support the work of Driftless Environmental Education Project to promote conservation and appreciation of the Driftless Region. You should, too. Here’s why:

Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

Since 1982, the Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center (MVAC) at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (UW-L) has been involved in researching, preserving, and teaching about the archaeological resources of the Upper Mississippi River region.

Trout Unlimited Driftless Area Restoration Effort

Spearheaded by Trout Unlimited, the Driftless Area Restoration Effort (DARE), is a geographically focused, locally driven, consensus based effort to protect, restore, and enhance rivers and streams for fish and other aquatic life throughout the Driftless Area

Raptor Resource Project

The Raptor Resource Project is a nonprofit, 501c3 dedicated to restoring the Midwest’s population of Peregrine falcons and other raptors.

D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership

The D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership has brought individuals together in fruitful conversation about ethical ideas and issues, inspiring people to lead ethical lives while at the same time helping to develop leadership abilities to further the common good in communities and organizations.

Individual Supporters

We’re thrilled by the number of individuals–people from around the country and around the world, who appreciate the unique and beautiful Driftless Region and who are helping us produce a feature-length film and other educational materials.

Alice Howe

Alice Howe is a longtime resident of southeast Minnesota. She has enjoyed the privilege of permanently protecting one of the most gorgeous parcels of land in the world. Alice said, “The Driftless Area is amazing. We need a feature-length film to tell the story and inspire the next generation.”

Jason Oefstedahl

Jason is Chief Executive Officer of MarketSharp.

Rachel O'Donnell

Rachel said, “We really enjoyed the presentation George Howe gave at Perrot State Park. Thanks for a great job telling the story of our region!”

Bob Anderson

The late Bob Anderson, who led the Raptor Resource Project for decades, loved the Driftless Region. He worked with the producers of Decoding the Driftless and helped them in a variety of ways, most recently as an on-camera expert on the restoration of peregrine falcons to the Upper Mississippi River Valley. He is greatly missed.

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