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The Emmy Award-winning film producers of Driftless Environmental Education Project / Sustainable Driftless, Inc. have again teamed up with the nonprofit Untamed Science, Inc., another Emmy winner, to produce a feature-length documentary film of science exploration and adventure focused on the amazing, unglaciated Driftless Region of the Upper Midwest.

Tim Jacobson


George Howe


Rob Nelson


Jonas Stenstrom


Neil Rettig


Our Skills

Our team of science filmmakers know how to precisely blend a fine mix of humor, adventure, drama, suspense, mystery, intrigue, scientific fact, and knowledge of the Driftless landscape to make films like no others.

Check out the Emmy Award-winning Mysteries of the Driftless documentary short that we made to see our brand of filmmaking.

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The Mission of Our Partner - Untamed Science

The mission of Untamed Science is to make science education fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re an armchair scientist, a student, a teacher or a scientist yourself. Their goal is to create videos and content that’s enjoyable while you learn a lot along the way!

We've Got What it Takes to Make a World-Class Film

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Science Filmmakers

They’re not just scientists and they’re not just filmmakers. They’re Scientist Filmmakers! And we got ’em. Our team has produced hundreds of videos that make science learning enjoyable for all ages.

A Compelling Story

What caused the massive continental glaciers of the last Ice Age to surround but miss the Driftless Region, this unique place, for more than a million years? What holdovers from an ancient world remain in this one area that wasn’t flattened and scoured by mile-high ice sheets? What secret places exist to explore? What will happen to this landscape?

A Beautiful & Mysterious Landscape

The Driftless Region, with its rugged bluffs, sheer cliffs, twisting rivers, majestic prairies, deep caves, ancient effigy mounds and petroglyphs, and rare species left behind from the Pleistocene Epoch, is like no other. Join us in our quest to explore the gorgeous lands and waters of this place.

In 1673, Father Marquette described the area as follows: “Here we are, then, on this so renowned a river, all of whose peculiar features I have endeavored to note carefully. This Missisipi River takes its rise in various lakes in the country of the northern nations. It is narrow at the place where Miskous empties; its current, which flows southward, is slow and gentle. To the right is a large chain of very high mountains, and to the left are beautiful lands; in various places, the stream is divided by islands.”