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Our Emmy-Award Winning Producers Have Created a Feature-Length Documentary Film

The film showcases the Driftless Region in a beautiful and inspiring way, as it has never been done before. Become a partner with us in distributing a world-class documentary film about your region of the earth! Learn more at www.SustainableDriftless.org. You can acquire the DVD at www.SustainableDriftless.org/store/

About Us

Driftless Environmental Education Project, LLC

DEEP supports the work of Sustainable Driftless, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit with its Emmy Award-winning film producers, who again teamed up with the nonprofit Untamed Science, Inc., another Emmy winner, to produce a feature-length documentary film of science exploration and adventure focused on the amazing, unglaciated Driftless Region of the Upper Midwest. You can get more info at Sustainable Driftless, Inc.

What’s special about the Driftless Region?

The Driftless Region is an enchanted land that mysterious forces shielded for nearly two million years from massive, crushing continental glaciers. The landscape is filled with rugged, stunning scenery, bizarre microclimates, deep caves, and tremendous biodiversity. The world’s oldest river meanders its way through the center, carving sublime cliffs lush with rare wildflowers. Huge Native American effigy mounds and mysterious petroglyphs remain from a thousand years ago.

Join us in exploring this beautiful landscape through film!

Why make a feature-length film?

The producers of Decoding the Driftless already succeeded in producing a documentary short about this beautiful region – Mysteries of the Driftless. For this, the producers won an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Programs” from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. But the full story has yet to be told, and major mysteries are yet to be revealed. Audiences and public television networks around the Midwest have been clamoring for more! The film will inspire conservation, enhance tourism, fire the imagination, and promote greater understanding and appreciation for this beautiful and amazing region.

An Unforgettable Experience!

You will nearly faint experiencing eye-popping, ultra-hi def imagery from death-defying perspectives as we scale precipitous, rocky cliffs to help restore the peregrine falcon population. Plunge to murky, turbulent depths of the Mighty Mississippi to capture glimpses of massive, scaly, otherworldly creatures whose kin co-existed with dinosaurs. Your heart will quicken as you feel earth-quaking steps of Pleistocene epoch mega-fauna. Shivers will run down your spine as fierce, Antarctic-like katabatic winds roar from encroaching mile-high continental glaciers. You will be awed by the raging glacial meltwaters that ripped through massive gorges. And your spirit will soar as you fly over beautiful prairies and savannas and discover ancient effigy mounds created by lost tribes of native peoples.

What role can you play in this adventure documentary?

The producers would like to give you the opportunity to assume a major role in creating an unparalleled and exciting exploration of one of the most beautiful, diverse, and puzzling places on earth. Touching the hearts and minds of landowners, public officials, educators, students, and visitors will lead to better appreciation and stewardship of our precious Driftless Region. You can help us make a beautiful and inspiring feature-length Driftless film. Partner with our Emmy Award-winning production team today in creating a world-class documentary!


Adventure & Exploration

Through Decoding the Driftless, people will be able to immerse themselves in an exciting journey, witness miraculous events of natural history, explore forbidden locations, and experience the thrill of discovery.

Hometown Pride

Descendants of the rugged fur traders and hardy farmers who explored and settled the Upper Midwest a couple centuries ago usually aren’t the type to get all mushy about the coulees and ridges they hail from, but deep down they’re full of pride for this beautiful land they’ve tended to for generations. Hear the stories and conservation successes of the Driftless landscape. And help us raise the profile and level of appreciation for a region not everyone has been privileged to experience.

Gaining Knowledge

You will be blown away by all you didn’t know or haven’t seen in the Driftless Region, even if you’ve lived here your whole life. And who says learning can’t be fun. Awe. Amazement. Laughter. Joy. You’ll experience it all while Decoding the Driftless.

Join others to become an important part of our film project!

Here's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to serve an important role in bringing the enchanted Driftless Region, your backyard, to the big screen and national audiences. By supporting the film, you will be key in helping us educate, promote, conserve, and enjoy one of the most amazing places on earth. Join our Emmy Award-winning filmmakers in this quest to feature the best and most interesting that our land has to offer.

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Driftless Forever!

For more than a million years, massive continental glaciers a mile high scoured the landscape and flattened it like sandpaper on wood, but the Driftless Region escaped. This ancient and beautiful landscape harbors rare treasures and puzzling features--holdovers from another time. Join our quest to Decode the Driftless!